Progrep 41: Pinochle and Parakeets

At the pinochle party in the aviary, Leaves Turning Copper fends off parakeets but loses the round to Raghida.  Copper agrees to enter the VR park . . . . where Bad Things await.

Progrep 41: VR in the Valley

Leaves Turning Copper has reached the VR settlement in the valley and met Raghida, an eighty-three-year-old woman with a passion for pinochle and parakeets.

Progrep 40: Cultural Appropriation

Flows All Ways has smeared chokecherry juice on Hisham’s face and is telling him a story about how Mt. Shasta was made.

Progrep 39: Goings-Wrong

Reached 38,000 words and finished chapter eleven this morning, answering major questions about the mysterious goings-on.

Further revelations await, and further questions will arise. Meanwhile, two of the characters have just realized that Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong.

Progrep 38: That’s the Trouble Right There

Today, Leaves Turning Copper said,  “I dreamt it.”  To which, Hisham replied, “See, that’s the trouble right there.”

Progrep 37: Slow But Steady

Every day, a few more pages.  Oddly, two of the characters insist on calling one another stupid.

More significantly, world-merging works even better than I’d hoped.

Progrep 36: Arrow Woman Photo

I found a folder of articles and images I clipped from magazines in 1990, 1991, and 1992.  One of the images speaks so strongly to me in 2014, as I write this first draft, that I’ve pinned it to the corkboard on my desk.

Closeup of woman drawing back a bow, focused on target